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Our Story

Hello I’m Nicola, Mummy to my 'digger/tractor' crazy son Rufus, a Community Nurse and environmental enthusiast.


Starting Loved Once More is my way of trying to help normalise reusable fashion, a movement I have been educating myself about for some time now.


The idea first arose whilst my mum and I were doing one of our many boot sales, selling our outrageous amount of clothing and material possessions (we were addicted to fast fashion and consumerism before we became aware of the horrific impact on the planet). Most of our items were high quality and the stigma attached to second hand items seemed to melt away when shoppers saw them.


My interest in sustainable but fashion forward clothing was piqued when I had my son. Dressing Rufus (when he’s in the mood!) has been a joyful experience but discovering the quantity of fast fashion brands in the children’s market left me feeling disheartened. Like many others, I'm a sucker for Zara's clothing designs but know how damaging they are to the environment with their constant new arrivals and 'on-trend styles', so I have in recent years reduced my consumption and ensured I have instead purchased them second hand. At Loved Once More, you (along with many other brands) can shop more healthily too. 


Loved Once More will focus on some of my favourite Women & Children’s brands with a hint of vintage, designer and organic clothing. All the items will be of very good condition, if not brand new.  I can’t wait to send them to their new homes!  

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